Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloc Party - Secret Show @ The Zoo

Bloc Party Rocks a Pre-Splendour Crowd

Bloc Parties Splendour appearance was tipped as the only Australia show that the Brit alternative rockers would be playing. However, the day before one of Australia's biggest festivals, Splendour in the Grass, Bloc Party played a secret show early on Friday evening at The Zoo in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley.
The show opened with an amazing set by local heros, The Last Dinosaurs, blasting through some old and new tracks such as, 'Time and Place,' 'Honolulu,' 'Weekend,' and their first commercial smash, 'Zoom.'

The crowd was pumped and itching to see any glimpse of Bloc Party or their front man, Kele.

It wasnt long before the boys of Bloc party burst on to stage. The crowd errupted as Bloc Party began their set with one of their 'Poppy' tunes, 'So He Begins to Lie.'

The blasted their way through some Bloc Party classics as well as showing some previews of their soon to be release EP, 'Four'.

These songs included 'Octopus,' 'Team A' and others. All of which reverted back to the pre-'One Last Chance' days in which Bloc Party made addictive and melodic songs using Russell's loops and effects pedals.

The set of course finished on (in my opinions) Bloc Party's best song, 'HELICOPTER!' Kele placed a helicopter hat on his head (which belonged to me) and played one of the best live songs I have heard in my life.

After the show, I had the pleasure of meeting Kele. He had invited me backstage to thank me for letting him keep my hat. Humble and relaxed, Kele offered me his jacket in exchange.

He was a great guy.

Overall the show was one of the best viewing expereinces anyone could have. They went on the tear up the main stage the following night in Byron Bay at Splendour in the Grass.

Their new EP 'Four' will be released 20th August, 2012.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Little Comets - Jenifer

Soul, Scat and a Whole Lot More

Although this isnt the original release, the acoustic version of this song just pushes all the right buttons. This is the acoustic version of 'Jennifer' from Little Comets' recently released 'Jennifer And Other Short Stories' EP, out now on Dirty Hit.

It is a combination of soulful acapella and pop acoustic guitar. Wonderful piece of music.

Ball Park Music (New Release)


Brisbane's home grown heros, 'Ball Park Music' have dropped another toe tapping tune in the last few days. The title of the new release 'Surrender' is exactly what I do to their music everytime I listen. Had the privelledge of seeing them live in February, and boy do they put on a good show.

They spent weeks teasing their fan base on Facebook and other social medias, but finally, it is here.

So please, sit back and enjoy a taste of Brisbanes music brilliance.

Copyright 2012, Ball Park Music

Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait

Arcade Fire Classic - It needs to be relived again

Many are aware of the 2010 release of the interactive music video that acompanied Arcade Fire's, 'We Used To Wait.' This came along with the release of their album, 'The Suburbs.'

If you have never seen it before, today is your lucky day.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The 5 Genre Review

This month's best; 5 Songs of 5 different genres.


Alt-J - Breezeblocks

A fusion of alternative mellow guitar, dripping bass and an unmistakable voice. 


The Trouble With Templeton - I Wrote A Novel 
Raspy blues tones provided by a rediculously talented Brisbane artist.


Loon Lake - Bad To Me
Upbeat and 'The Strokes' like in nature.

Indie Pop

Jungle Giants - She's A Riot
This song makes me nostalgic of Summers many years ago


Kavinsky - Nightcall
Appeared in the movie 'Drive.' This song is reminisent of 1980's Miami, Florida.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Alhambra Lounge - Friday, 15 June, 2012

Mosman Alder, The Trouble With Templeton, The Oyster Murders

Alhambra Lounge

Things are looking good at Alhambra tonight. It’s still early, barely past 9pm, and the venue is already buzzing while the opening act sets up. The new stage at the venue is a great addition. The space feels like it is built for gigs now, rather than a bar that happened to have bands occasionally hidden in the corner; a definite improvement.

The Oyster Murders open proceedings with their enjoyable take on the darker side of indie rock. Their mix of male and female vocals gives them what is typically a fairly uncommon feel, although it proves something of a theme tonight. Second song, Ghosts In Our Wake, is the highlight of the set; dark, melancholic and catchy, it’s a lovely track that shows off the band’s melodic skills.

The Trouble With Templeton have some early gear problems, but it’s handled with good humour and when they do start, it’s a very impressive performance. Bleeders, their debut LP, released late last year, is a solid record, but there’s a sense of immediacy and intensity to the live performance that really causes the tracks to shine. Thomas Calder’s voice is strong and soulful, and tonight he’s aided by some beautiful harmonies from Betty Yeowart. There’s a second guitarist, a relatively recent addition, who adds an interesting twist to the sound too, with heavily-effected notes twisting around the folk rock of the originals. The punters don’t do the band a lot of favours – the chattering from the back of the room threatens to overwhelm some of the subtler moments – but for those paying attention it’s a wonderful set.

Mosman Alder’s debut EP, Burn Bright, has been gathering some impressive critical responses and it seems that word has definitely spread as a rather large crowd gathers around the stage in anticipation. The band quickly justifies the turn-out tonight. As with the supports, their already solid EP is turned into something more visceral live, with shifting dynamics and layered instruments that create an impressively coherent whole. There’s some sharing of vocal duties throughout the set, with guitarist Jackson Muir taking over for some new tracks, and while it creates variety Mosman Alder are at their best when primary vocalist Valdis Valodze has the reins, his distinctive voice giving the band a unique presence.
The audience seems excited and engaged and Valodze is clearly thrilled with the response tonight as he mentions how exciting it is to see audience members singing along. There’s still a sense that there’s room to grow for the band, but when everything gels – like when clear highlight Tokyo 1933 builds into distortion and then fades away on a haunting violin line – it’s clear that Mosman Alder have something special to offer.

Deep Sea Arcade - See No Right

Shoe-Gaze meets Psychedelic Pop

The days of the 90's are unfortunately long gone. However, one of the most influential music scenes of the time, Shoe-gaze, can be found rearing its melodic little head in many songs floating around in the present day. 

One band who I think captures this well is Sydney 5-piece, Deep Sea Arcade. This song makes you feel as if you are inside a haunted house. This song in particular, 'See No Right,' off their album 'Outlands' to released on 16 March, 2012 is a beautifully written song that embodies the genre of Pop, Psychedelic, Indie and many more. I look forward to hearing more from this band in the future.

A Grindhouse production

Director - Nic Mckenzie
Producer - Ash Morgan